Corded Phones

  • Gigaset 5040

  • Intuitive Telephony

    • Proximity sensor for automatic illumination of keypad and display
    • Illuminated keypad with comfortable key size
    • Large illuminated display with adjustable angle
    • Hands-free talking in brilliant sound quality

The corded phone with comfortable keypad and intuitive calling convenience.

Comfortable calling in brilliant sound is what you get with the Euroset 5040. Maximize phoning with minimal effort: the corded phone has an illuminated keypad with a large key size and a large illuminated display with an adjustable angle. Designed to make calling simple in every situation, the Euroset 5040 has a proximity sensor for automatic illumination of the display and keypad, as well as a visual caller ID. Furthermore the corded phone is Hearing Aid Compatible, making every telephone call a pleasure. And you’ll find comfort in the direct call to pre-defined number feature, which makes calling in a moment of need as simple as possible.

If you are looking for a comfortable corded phone with intuitive features designed for your calling needs, the Euroset 5040 is the right corded phone for personal or home office telephony.

Keys for ease
Dialling and taking calls are completely simple with the Euroset 5040. The large key size on the illuminated keypad guides you to the right number every time – and the illuminating key for quick unknown call alert gives you a visual signal of your incoming and missed calls.

Intuitive telephony
The six programmable speed-dial keys with visual caller ID, special signal lights for incoming and missed call identification, conveniently let you follow the calls of those most important to you: when one of the numbers phones, the corresponding key lights up and flashes, giving you a visual signal of who is calling. And at times when you can’t make it to the phone, the corresponding speed-dial key signal light stays illuminated as a visual message of who called.
The proximity sensor for saved numbers lets you take calls hands-free, without having to actually pick up the receiver. Just approach the phone to answer the call.

See clearly
The Euroset 5040’s proximity sensor, which evaluates changes in temperature to detect motion near the phone, illuminates the display and keypad automatically without you touching the corded phone. So you’re quickly ready to dial – no matter what the lighting. Adjust the large size illuminated display to fit your needs – it’s moveable, so you decide which angle is best. And with caller-ID (CLIP¹) you always know who is ringing – the caller’s number appears on the illuminated display.

Hear it all
Enjoy clear conversations with the comfortable Euroset 5040. This corded phone delivers brilliant sound – even when you phone hands-free. Some features make calling more comfortable at every age, such as the Hearing Aid Compatible receiver of the Euroset 5040. Plus, it boasts loud ring tones, making it easier for you to hear when a call comes in.

Secure & safe
Prepared for every situation: the Euroset 5040 is equipped with a direct call to a pre-defined number feature – just in case something happens. Ideal for children or the elderly, simply save an emergency contact number and “lock” the phone to activate the emergency mode. The next time a key on the phone is touched or the receiver is lifted, the pre-saved number is automatically dialled.

If you are looking for a comfortable corded phone with intuitive features for personal or home office telephony, then the Euroset 5040 ideally meets your calling needs.

Answering machine features

Protection of recordings against power failure-
AM control via handset | via base station-
Timed change between predefined and individual announcements-
Date and time announcement-
Mailboxes up to … | PIN-protected-
Predefined | individual announcements-
Recording time up to … min. | playback of messages from external phone-
Open listening at base station-
Operate answering machine by voice command-

Convenience - phoning essentials

Automatic dialing of operator prefixyes
Last dialed ... numbers5
Call blocking-
Visual signal: incoming calls | lost callsyes | yes
Proximity sensoryes
Direct dialing keys6
Plug-and-play installationyes

Display and menu features

Display of caller’s number (CLIP) | picture (Picture CLIP)yes | -
Easy-to-use text-based menu | jumbo fonts | icon-based- | yes | yes
…line, …digits, …segments1 | 14 | 7
Call duration displayedyes
Date displayed-
Time displayedyes
List of last … missed calls with time and date50
Display: numeric | alphanumeric | semigraphical | graphicalyes | - | - | -
Display: illuminated | colour | adjustable angleyes | - | yes

Keypad features

Key lockyes
Recall keyyes
Message indicator keyyes
Colour of illuminationorange/blue
Illuminated keypadyes


Wall mountable-
Warranty2 years

Sound quality

Hands-free talking | convenient hands-free | advanced hands-free- | - | yes
Hearing aid compatibilityyes
Adjustable handset volumeyes
Individual ringer melodies for VIP entries-
Ringer melodies | polyphonic | real sounds I downloadable10 | - | - | -

Technical data

Available coloursAnthracite
Dimensions (H x W x D in mm)80 x 241 x 201