Jabra Link 950

Natakorn RTB 31 May, 2021 Contents

Jabra Link 950

Connect a USB headset to a desk phone,softphone, and mobile phone

The Jabra Link 950 is engineered to enhance productivity during the transition from desk phone to softphone.

Boost productivity
The Jabra Link 950 helps boost productivity by enabling you to use a USB headset, either with just your desk phone or with your desk phone and softphone. Choose from our wide range of corded and wireless USB headsets4, and look for Bluetooth® functionality if you also want the headset to connect to a mobile phone.
The Jabra Link 950 enables you to handle all your calls on a highperforming USB headset with superior sound and features such as Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), busylight and microphone positioning guidance - boosting your productivity and helping combat noise and interruptions in the open office.

Ready for the future
Combining the Jabra Link 950 with a Jabra USB headset helps future proof your solution. The USB headset can be customized to your preferences, while firmware upgrades ensure performance is optimized over time. The ability to connect to your desk phone, softphone and mobile phone1 gives valuable flexibility for organizations transitioning to softphones or operating in mixed phone environments.

Easy to install, use and manage
The Jabra Link 950 is simple to set up and has a small, unobtrusive footprint on the desktop. Easy call management enables you to
seamlessly switch between phone devices at the touch of a button. Central management of USB headsets is easy using Jabra Xpress.

USB-A and USB-C versions available
The Jabra Link 950 comes in USB-A and USB-C versions so you can choose the USB headset that best serves your needs. To connect
to your computer, use the USB-A or USB-C cables that are both supplied. To connect to your desk phone use the cable included.

Compatible with leading desk phones and softphones2
Get full call control via the USB headset. For calls received on your desk phone, use an Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) adapter3 to get full call
control. To get full call control for calls received on your softphone
2, simply use the included USB cable.